Museum of the Dog plans to close doors for the last time

At the Museum of the Dog, both dogs and dogs art are nearly every place you look.

By Christine Tannous

(St. Louis) The American Kennel Club Museum of the Dog in St. Louis is home to many  things related to dogs in the St. Louis area. This includes 500 original works of dog art, dog classes, and dog-related events.

But the museum will not be around for much longer. Next year, the Museum of the Dog is moving from its home in St. Louis to New York City.

Susan Haney Assistant Curator
Susan Haney, museum curator at Museum of the Dog (courtesy of Susan Haney)

“The American Kennel Club in New York City wants this collection now so they can open their own museum.” Susan Haney said, “And that’s basically where the decision came down.”

Haney is assistant curator at Museum of the Dog. She said the museum was supposed to have a permanent location in St. Louis, and that the museum had signed a 100 year lease on the building. Haney will lose her job when the museum closes.

Haney’s job includes creating ideas and installing new exhibits, taking charge of the museum’s membership program, and assembling the museum’s newsletter.

“My favorite part is doing research for a particular painting and then putting that information in the newsletter.” Haney said, “My background is art history, so that kind of follows.”

Terry Boxdorfer brings her dogs to the museum for the museum’s guest dog event. She said she’s brought her dogs to the event at least six times.

Terry Boxdorfer and her dog, a German Shorthaired Pointer

“We’re lucky to have it here in St. Louis.” Boxdorfer said, “Anybody who’s interested should get out and enjoy it before it leaves.”

Kathy Feher and Sierra Grutchfield come to the museum for the guest dog event. They visit the museum at least once a month.

“You get to see a lot of breeds that you don’t even hear about here.” they said, “It’s very interesting, and the people who bring the guest dogs are very friendly.”

A statue in Museum of the Dog

The Museum of the Dog is located at 1721 S Mason Rd in St. Louis. The museum is set to close around October of next year.

Haney said as far as the museum knows, they are the only one like it in the world.

“We’ll be here for another year, so please come and see us.” Haney said, “It’s a unique place.”



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