Blueberry Hill’s Duck Room is built around the idea of intimacy… and ducks.

The Duck Room was born when Chuck Berry and Joe Edwards were having a conversation about how the missed the old days of playing in smaller venues as opposed to larger stadiums. After a slight pause, they both knew they simply had to build the Duck Room, named after Chuck Berry’s iconic duck walk, beneath the St. Louis Landmark, Blueberry Hill.

By Dakota Dintelman

A statue of Chuck Berry on Delmar Blvd immortalized doing the move he made famous, The Duck Walk

The Duck Walk goes back as far as T-Bone Walker a 1930’s blues guitarist, Berry made it famous. This move has been adopted by several famous guitarists such as Keith Urban and Angus Young of AC/DC. The Duck Walk is an iconic part of classic guitar showmanship.

The Duck Room has been adorned with Duck memorablia over the years since it’s creation as a tradition, honoring it’s past. Chuck Berry performed on this stage 209 consecutive times, once per month since it was created in 1997, before he died. After all those years and performances, the Duck Room has been decorated with it’s iconic displays of all that is duck.




David Ramirez and his band performing in the Duck Room

The Duck Room has seen the likes of Ed Sheeran, The Lumineers, Grandmaster Flash, Dorothy, David Ramirez, Bruiser Queen, and many more. Many of these performers got a foothold in St. Louis by performing in the Duck Room, and the venue itself seems as though it’s a testament to the little guys out there.







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